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October 23, 2022

Habakkuk 1:5-11


1. We started with a quick review of v. 1-4 & Habakkuk’s despair at his circumstances. Pastor Matt quoted Charles Spurgeon who said, “The road to sorrow has been well trodden, it is the regular sheep track to heaven, and all the flock of God have had to pass along it.”

How has God used difficult circumstances in your life to grow your faith?

2. The response that God gives to Habakkuk in 1:5-6 is startling and stunning. God is going to actually punish Judah and use a people even more wicked to serve as His instrument of judgment. When talking about this portion of the passage, it was said that, “God is going to do what He desires to do to accomplish His purposes.” For the follower of Christ, how is this statement comforting and assuring? How would life look different if we live fully convinced of this statement concerning God & His purposes?

3. The rest of the passage, v. 7-11, go into detail about the power and pride of the Chaldeans. Why is such a vivid description of the Chaldeans given by God helpful to our understanding of the passage and the purpose of the passage?

4. We ended with 2 points of application, the first: God is more powerful than any empire could ever fathom. Psalm 97 was referenced along with other passages, but overall…why is it important for believers to remember the power and authority of God? What might compete for our confidence as supreme power or authority in life?

5. The final point of application was: the words of God are not to be taken lightly. So for you, how do you develop the right sort of amazement at the surprising nature of the gospel? Who are people in your life that need to hear or be reminded of the astonishing news of the gospel?