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December 15, 2019

Matthew 1:18-25

1. We immediately went to Matthew 1:18 to see that Matthew reiterates Jesus’ identity as the Christ. As we saw last week, this title that connects Jesus to the Old Testament & its Messianic expectations is important in Matthew’s Gospel. How does knowing that the New Testament is so intentional to connect Jesus with the Old Testament help us read the Old Testament in light of Jesus?

2. We also talked about the reality of the situation facing Mary & Joseph in Matthew 1:18-19. The pressure on each of them was immense in such a small town…what do pressure moments, such as this, reveal about a person?

3. In Matthew 1:20-21, God intervenes & commands Joseph to take the steps to be recognized as the father of Jesus by naming him Jesus. Why is it so essential that Jesus is from the line of David?

4. Throughout this passage, we see that this birth points us to the Incarnation, the eternal Son of God in flesh by the power of the eternal Spirit of God. Pastor Nate went on to explain why the virgin birth is essential to the person & work of Jesus. Do you understand why the virgin birth affirms the identity of Jesus & his sufficient work on the Cross?

5. We also talked about the name given, Jesus, & its meaning being, “The Lord saves.” Why should it bring us such joy & peace knowing that it is the Lord who saves?

6. In Matthew 1:21, we spent time talking about the phrase, “For He will save his people from their sins.” How does this news concerning the person & work of Jesus give us confidence to deliver the gospel to others?

7. Finally, we looked at Matthew 1:24-25 to see that the response of Joseph to the command given was simple, prompt, humble obedience…even though it was costly. What are ways you can demonstrate simple, prompt, & humble obedience no matter the cost in your own life?