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October 31, 2021

Pastor Laurie Stuck

Matthew 19:13-22


This account is also found in Mark 10:13-22 and Luke 18:15-23. Consider reading all three accounts to add depth to your discussion.

1.  What about this morning's teaching from Matthew 19:13-16 was new, helpful, instructive or convicting?  How will you bless your children this week? Or pray for your children? *All women are welcome to join our Moms in Prayer group on Tuesdays at 8:30 at MBC; we pray for the children in our lives (including college-aged), our schools and our neighborhoods. *

2.  Where do you see the same kind of attitude or questions in today's world, as the rich young man exhibited and asked in Matthew 19:16?

3. Pastor Laurie stated: "Knowing that there is only one who is good, does that change our understanding of what is good?" What do you think? How do Romans 3:21 and Matthew 5:48 help us understand the connection Christ is making in Matthew 19:17?

4.  Read Galatians 3:23-26.  What good things does the Law do?  Why is it important to understand the role of the Law in a believer's life?

5.  In Matthew 19:19-21, Jesus Christ loved the rich young man enough to teach him that he wasn't good enough. Why is that a gracious thing to do?  What would your response be if Jesus said that to you?  

6. Considering verse 22, Pastor Laurie said:  "Without forsaking, there can be no following." How is pride, arrogance or self-righteousness keeping you from living a fully surrendered life to Christ; what is keeping you from living a fully surrendered life to Christ?