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March 28, 2021

LUKE 19:28-40

1) Pastor Matt sad this passage teaches us four things, that Jesus is in control, human reasoning is limited, human hearts are hard, and God will accomplish all His purposes.

  • How does this passage teach us that Jesus is in control?
  • Where do we see the limit of human reasoning in this passage?
  • What does it mean that human hearts are hard?
  • How do we know from this passage that God will accomplish all His purposes?

2) Pastor Matt warned us not to think of ourselves as better than the Pharisees. 

  • Why should we be careful of thinking we could never be like the Pharisees?

3) Pastor Matt said that if the question "What are you trusting in?" was asked on Family Feud, "My good works." would be the top answer. 

  • What would other top answers be?

4) Our reasoning as humans is flawed and affected by sin, along with that our hearts are hard.

  • How can we fix our reasoning and think rightly?
  • How can we soften our hearts?
  • How do we know when our reasoning is correct and our hearts are soft and feeling?
  • Do you pray often that God would give you wisdom and soften your heart?

5) What is the gospel? Take some time reciting and sharing the gospel. 

  • Don't be afraid to quiz and correct each other! We want to ensure that those around us know the gospel as best they can.