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March 15, 2020

Matthew 5:13

1. We began with a word from Pastor Nate in light of the COVID-19 situation. Pastor Nate reminded us that God is sovereign & good, that our hope is in the person & work of Jesus Christ, & that now is the time for the gospel to go forward. What are ways you can make much of Christ right now in the midst of this world?

2. Then we looked at the text & heard that salt was used as a preservative. Christ calls us to be salt, to be those who preserve the world spiritually as sin corrupts. What are ways Christians can live as preservers of God’s truth in a world wreaking of sin?

3. In light of this call to be salt of the earth, we were asked a direct question: Are we impeding or increasing the foul odor of sin in our world? How would you answer this question & why?

4. From the end of Matthew 5:13, we see that salt that’s lost its saltiness is still used…but is not as effective as before. How can we be vigilant & root out sin from our lives?

5. We ended by hearing that God chooses us out of His love. READ EPHESIANS 1:3-6 & EPHESIANS 2:1-4. How do these passages give us assuredness of our standing with God? Why is it important to understand the basis for our standing before God?