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Romans 15:14-21

A: We see in v. 14 that Paul offers 3 commendations to the Romans, they are: full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, & able to instruct one another. How do these 3 qualities connect together & complement one another?  How can you continue to develop these qualities in your own life & in the life of our church?

B: In v. 15, Paul says that he has written as a reminder…this is due to what we’ve called, “Truth Amnesia”. It was said that truth amnesia leads to truth apathy which ends in truth abandonment. If this is the case, how does it heighten the importance of reminding yourself of the truth? How can you more intentional remind yourself and others of truth?

C: We also see in the second half of v. 15 that Paul’s authority is through his calling to be a minister by the grace of God. If all Christians are called to be ministers of the gospel, what does it look like to be on this mission right now in your life?

-At the end of the service, Pastor Nate said it in this way: “How are we specifically ministering for Christ on a regular, daily basis?"

D: We talked about the role of priest in v. 16 & how we too are priest based off 1 Peter 2:4-5, 9. What changes when you begin to believe that you serve in the role of priest by the grace of God?

E: In v. 17-19, we see Paul giving the reasons for his boasting: that Gentiles are obedient & his ministry in a large region has been completed. Here are a few questions based out of these verses…

1. The pride of v. 17 isn’t a self-glory, but a pride in what God has accomplished. How can we demonstrate this kind of pride today?

2. The means by which the Gentile come to obedience is word & deed. What happens when you neglect one or the other?

F: In v. 20-21, we get to Paul’s goal & the reason for his goal. Paul’s ambition is for gospel advancement in new territory in light of Isaiah 52:15. Goals can often be seen as human endeavors rooted in human cunning/intelligence…Paul see this goal as a spiritual endeavor rooted in the mission of God for God’s glory. How can we be intentional to pursue spiritual goals that bring glory to God?