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April 9, 2023

John 20:1-16

  1. Read John 10:17, Romans 6:4, and Romans 8:11. Who raised Jesus Christ from the dead?
  2. Who was Mary Magdalene? (Luke 8:2) Do you have the habit of writing people off as unsavable due to their wickedness, and if so, why?  Who are some people you have currently written off as unsavable?  Take time to pray for their salvation.
  3. Why was Mary Magdalene devastated by the open tomb of Christ and the missing body of Christ? What did she falsely assume in light of those two facts?
  4. Truth Amnesia brought unnecessary suffering to Mary Magdalene’s life. How has Truth Amnesia done the same to you?
  5. Why did Mary Magdalene possess a colossal affection for Christ? Do you possess the same?
  6. Mary Magdalene paid very little attention to the two angels inside of the open tomb of Christ because she was determined to find the body of Christ. What fuels your determination as you walk this earth?
  7. Jesus gently rebuked Mary Magdalene with two questions. Have you ever rebuked someone?  Was it done appropriately?  Was it received positively or negatively?  Have you ever been rebuked by someone?  How did you receive the rebuke?
  8. What did the resurrection of Christ accomplish for believers in the present and what will it accomplish for them in the future?