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November 21, 2021

Matthew 20:17-19

*Reminder to try and use other Scriptures when answering and discussing!

1) What are some things that have stood out to you so far in the gospel of Matthew?


2) What does it mean to go "up" to Jerusalem?

b) How important are these historical/geographical details for regular reading and understanding of the Scriptures?


3) Why does Jesus remind/tell the disciples that they are going to Jerusalem and that He will be condemned, crucified, and resurrected?

b) How should we read and understand this prophecy given that it has already been fulfilled and we live after the resurrection?


4) What is the title "Son of Man" a reference to, and where does it come from?


5) Pastor Nate explained that the suffering of Jesus during the Crucifixion was multifaceted. What are the ways in which Jesus suffered upon the cross?


6) As we seek to obey Jesus because of our love for Him, do we have people in our lives that we confess our sin to and ask for help in discovering our weaknesses? 

b) If not, are you willing to find one?