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May 23, 2021

Community Group Questions: May 23, 2021

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-40


Pastor Matt taught us "The Parable of the Weeds". He asked us to embrace these three truths:

  • "Let's embrace the truth of who is in charge of the entire field."
  • "Let's embrace the truth of the reality of our situation: people are either children of God or children of the devil."
  • "Let's embrace the Word to examine our lives."


1.  After reading Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-40, how would you summarize the parable? Who is the Master, the good seed and the bad seed? What is the kingdom of heaven compared to?  What was the purpose of an enemy planting bad seed among the good seed?

2.  Considering the Master's response, (v.30), that he knows there will come a time when, as Pastor Matt, said,  the "good seed is proved to be good, and the weeds will prove to be weeds", how does that comfort, encourage or warn you? How does this response give us insight into God's character?

3. In verses 36-43, we see the disciples ask Jesus about this parable.  "The disciples were not distinguished by their brilliance, or intellect, or innate ability to understand deep matters." (Pastor Matt).  What did distinguish them? if you are a believer, what distinguishes you?  How do the past few months distinguish you as someone with an "acute awareness of your need for Jesus"?  What keeps you from asking questions of the text?

4.  Pastor Matt shared with us that the good seed is identified as "sons of the kingdom" v. 38; they are those who belong to the kingdom of God for the purpose of fruitfulness.  How confident are you that you and your works are purposed for fruitfulness? How have you contributed recently to the beauty and wisdom of God to a watching world?

5. Read 1 John 3:10. You are either a child of God or a child of the devil.  "Jesus does not offer middle ground."  Where do you stand?  What questions does this statement bring up for you?  How do you share this with someone who is waffling on their stance for Christ?

6.  Read Job 42:2 and share how embracing the truth of who is in charge of the entire field will shape your upcoming week.

7.  Read Romans 13:10 and share how you will align your goals to live a life, not marked by "casualness or ambivilance" but with "courage, conviction and compassion to engage those in our lives for God's glory and our good."  When have you turned away from sharing the reality of either heaven or hell with someone?  Who needs to hear about both of these realities?

8.  Read Matthew 7:22-23.  Jesus Christ is sufficient to rescue us from sin; is that true for you?  Or are you trusting in something else...someone else?  Or where are you blending in to look like wheat...?