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October 4, 2020

Matthew 8:28-34

1) As you have continued reading the Scriptures…

A) What have you enjoyed?

B) Has anything convicted you?


2) Jesus is very kind. We know His kindness by His treatment of the demoniacs and by His treatment of us through the gospel 

A) In what other ways has Jesus been kind to you?

B) Do we thank God regularly for his kindness?


3) Jesus is not safe. His followers encountered terrible suffering. Pastor Nate said that the Savior should be first priority, not safety.

A) Why is our culture obsessed about safety?

B) What do you fear most about following Jesus?


4) The Bible is thoughtfully and intentionally crafted. Pastor Nate discussed a pattern in Matthew 8 and 9.

A) Do you remember what the pattern is? (Three miracles followed by a short teaching from Jesus).

B) What does this pattern teach us about Jesus?

C) What is the difference between studying Scripture and reading Scripture?

D) Do you enjoy reading and studying? Both, neither, one or the other?