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August 22, 2021

Matthew 16:21 – 27

1. Why is verse 21 of critical importance to the rest of Matthew?

2. Why did Peter confront Jesus after He spoke of His future suffering, death, and resurrection? Share a time when you acted like Peter and rebelled against God’s will.

3. The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to cause the people of God to think rightly. As a result of thinking rightly the people of God then act righteously for the glory of God. How has this been demonstrated in your own life?  How has the Holy Spirit used the Scriptures to change your thinking concerning a certain matter which leads to a difference in your behavior?

4. Jesus rebuked Peter with compassion. Why is it difficult to rebuke someone compassionately concerning their sin?

5. What is the essence, the heart of discipleship? (Read verse 24)

6. Verse 24 describes the Christian life. What are a few common unbiblical versions of the Christian life espoused by some churches?

7. Why does the world avoid the cross and reject Jesus?

8. What are the three reasons, according to Jesus, why everyone should willingly deny themselves, die to themselves, and follow Christ? (Read verses 25, 26, and 27)

9. What are some forms of persecution that followers of Christ experience currently in our culture? What are some forms of persecution that believers face around the world?  Give an example of you enduring persecution for the sake of Christ

10. Why should a follower of Christ rejoice when they endure persecution for the sake of Christ? (Read 1st Peter 4:12 – 14, Matthew 5:10 – 12, and 2nd Corinthians 4:16, 17)