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July 31, 2022

Matthew 26:57-68

Pastor Nate Wright

Read the passage together and pray.

"We are examining the first major trial of Jesus, including the Lord's strong statement about His identity."


1.  What goals or hopes did you set for your summer Bible reading or study?  How are you doing thus far?


2.  Review what you've learned about the passage together:

  • What are some characteristics of the "Great Sanhedrin?
  • When did the Great Sanhedrin conduct their first major trial of Jesus?
  • Why did they conduct it then?
  • Where did they conduct the trial?
  • Why were they conducting the trial as the judge, jury and prosecutor?
  • How did Jesus respond?
  • Where was Peter?

3.  For what situation this week do you need your cowardice eroded and your boldness increased?  How does hearing the truth...that "A faithful follower of Christ faces severe battles every day." encourage you?


4.  Why could those who "hated Christ vehemently not bring a single charge against our Lord and Savior"?


5.  Share a recent time when making known the Gospel has been difficult for you.  Why was that so?  Do you succumb to beating yourself up over the failure of sharing Christ?  "We have only failed when we neglect to make known the Gospel to others."


6.  Why did Jesus willingly endure such horrific treatment from His enemies?


7.  Believers are to "proclaim and make known the Gospel":

  • Sinners will reject it and we will experience ridicule; some along the way will receive the Gospel.  Rather than being disappointed, continue making known the Gospel expecting God to use it.
  • One day, we will reap our heavenly reward.  No matter the pain, no matter the outcome, it is worth sharing the Gospel.

How do these truths and the truth of the Gospel motivate you to share the beautiful and powerful good news of Jesus Christ?