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December 29, 2019

Community Group Questions for 12/29/19


Matthew 2:12-23


Pastor Nate began his message reminding us that Matthew uses Old Testament text to teach us who Jesus is and what He accomplishes.  Pastor Nate also addressed why Matthew employs the Old Testament in His gospel: to teach us that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament Messianic prophecies.


  1. In verses 12-13, we learn that God is omniscient over timing and is all knowledgeable. God knows all things perfectly. He never changes or fluctuates and His knowledge never increases or decreases.  There is not a point in which God does not know all things.  In what situation this week, does this understanding bring you comfort?  In what area of struggle have you forgotten that God is all knowing over your situation and its pain, suffering, sorrow and even death?  How will personally applying this attribute of God affect your perspective this week and in 2020?


  1. Pastor Nate taught us, in Matthew 2:14, that we can see a reference to another of God’s attributes and names: Jehovah Jireh-The Lord will provide. God provided for Joseph, Mary and Jesus in stunning fashion.  Share and give praise and thanks to God with your group for how He has provided for you this past year, month and/or week; everyone name one specific provision.


  1. In verse 15, we see a reference to Hosea 11:1 concerning deliverance from enslavement to Egypt, which can also be referenced in Exodus 12, where we read about the Passover Lamb. Jesus Christ is the unblemished lamb who will redeem every person who puts their faith in the Son of God for salvation. Are you free from your sin?  Have you repented of your sin against God?  If so, who is one person who needs to hear about God’s saving grace from you this week?


  1. We learned of unimaginable heartbreak in verses 17-18, from the reference to Jeremiah 31:15. However, Matthew declares that there is hope in the midst of agony, suffering, pain and death. A principle Pastor Nate gave was: Christians do not ignore or minimize pain, suffering, sorrow and death; Christians acknowledge and insist there IS hope in the midst of pain, suffering, sorrow and death, and that hope is Jesus Christ.   Share with your group one way you have shared Christ in the middle of your pain, suffering, and sorrow? Secondly, do you possess genuine hope for the future? This is received only by the grace of God, revealing to us our need to repent of our sins against God and by putting our faith in the Son of God.  For those of us who answer “yes”, but are guilty of spiritual amnesia, how can you include this truth in your family worship time this week?


  1. Considering verses 16 and 19-23, we learn about Herod and his life. In verse 16, Herod was guilty of committing awful things because he was threatened by Jesus. Pastor Nate asked the question for us to consider: “Are we any different than Herod?  All of us at one time have refused to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We are no different than Herod.”  Secondly, in verse 19, Herod’s death is mentioned, and we learn that no enemy of Jesus Christ is ever victorious. This gives us a picture of Joseph and his dependable, humble obedience.  Under life changing, challenging imperatives, there is a cost to unconditionally following Jesus.  The principle is that no cost is too great when compared with the honor of trusting Him.  What about us?  Share with your group one area where you are dependable, and one area that your group could be praying for you concerning your dependability.  Can we be counted on to do the right thing no matter the cost?


  1. As we finished Matthew 2:12-23, Pastor Nate reminded us that the world is worried, anxious and constantly in a state of panic. The world will attempt to alleviate their pain, suffering, sorrow and earth in many ways. And all of this will fail.  Believers in Christ have hope that is sure. Have you been forgiven of your sins and put your entire confidence in the person and work of Jesus Christ, resting in Him through the midst of your suffering and pain?   Read Rev. 21:1-4 together, and praise God for His genuine hope that believers in Christ have.