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January 30, 2022

January 30, 2022

Vision Sunday with Pastor Nate Wright and Pastor Matt Cobb


Vision:  To preach and teach the Word of God soundly and robustly in all ministries at Memorial Bible Church.
We are on a mission superior to all other missions. To make known the Gospel so that those who don't know Christ would come to know Christ and that those who do know Christ would grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ for the glory of God.



  1. Share with your group what challenged or delighted you in your personal Bible study or Bible reading this week.


    2.  Take time with your group to read the following passages shared during our Vision Sunday.  How do the following passages fulfill the Biblical basis for MBC's vision and mission as explained by Pastor Nate and Pastor Matt?  

  • Vision: 2 Timothy 3:16-4:5.
  • Mission: Romans 10:5-17 and John 17:17.


  1. From the Pastors’ application of those verses and the vision and mission that was shared, how might God call you to serve within the body of MBC? 


     4.  After reading Romans 10:5-17, Pastor Nate asked: "Are your feet beautiful?  Do  you preach the good news?"  How would you answer these questions?


     5. Considering John 17:17, Pastor Nate stated: "It is incumbent on ourselves to make known the Gospel to ourselves."  Why is it important?  What does sanctification            mean and why is it important for the believer?     


  1.  Pastor Matt stated: "This is not a time for ambivalence; it is a time for   intentionality."  Share with your group the Gospel conversations you've been   privileged to have this month.  Share where you would like to improve in this area   so that you are sharing robustly, accurately and clearly.


    7.  If you compared weekly time spent learning to be sanctified by the truth of God’s             Word versus time spent saturating your mind in the world’s truth (for example,                 time spent on social media platforms, watching current events or                                     entertainment), which would be the victor?


Action Points:

1.  Pray for wisdom for the staff and elders regarding the position of Director of Family Ministries.  Pray for a Godly man who will teach and preach the word of God soundly and robustly to middle school students.


2.  Pray for our Sunday morning gatherings; pray for wisdom regarding three options.

  • To "stay the course" with 2 services.
  • To Church plant.
  • To move to one service to maintain unity and an intergenerational ministry. 

3.  Spend time with your group praying for our MBC Elders and Pastors and their families individually. Ask the Lord to give them wisdom that will bring Him the greatest glory in and through MBC.  Have your group let them know in some way (in conversation, by card or email) that you are praying for them.

Pastors: Nate Wright, Matt Cobb, Zac Clark and Laurie Stuck.

Elders: Ray Alexander, Aaron Clark, Ken McKee and Dennis Malgesini (Nate Wright, Matt Cobb).