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March 27, 2022

Matthew 23:36-24:2

Anders Clark


1.  Believers in Christ learned and were reminded that we can live because Christ loves us.  We don't work for love; we work from love. How is this truth helpful for what you are going through today?


2.  Have you ever asked God to give you an understanding of His wrath?  Or do you need assurance of His love for you?  How assured are you of your faith in Him? Share with the group what you learned from the message today or appropriate Biblical passages that help with both of these.


3.  There are 3 applications we can make from Sunday's message:

  • Jude 21 encourages believers to: "keep yourselves in the love of God..."  How were you able to do that this week?  What are some areas that could use prayer or help?
  • Believers ought to love one another.  How were you kind and good to those in the household of faith this month?
  • We can live "confidently knowing that a hen is not standing over a chick demanding obedience".  Jesus accepts us, cleans us and empowers us to do good deeds.  How is your confidence in that truth? 


4.  How does the illustration Anders shared regarding the vibrant strawberry contrasted with the lime help you compare God's love and His wrath? "God's love never looked so warm as when its contrasted with His wrath." Consider Jeremiah 12:7, Jeremiah 22:5 and Psalm 7:12.


5.  From this passage, what did we learn about Jesus, the true Prophet?  What did you learn or were reminded of concerning the 3 descriptions of the historical figures: Emperor Vespasian, General Titus or Flavius Josephus, historian, that helped your understanding of today's text?


6.  Anders opened the passage by commenting on two things: (1) Jesus' words here span 3 sections but they belong together.  "Matthew 23-24 span together."  (2) "The Bible is oftentimes uncomfortable.  Today is an uncomfortable day."  What about today's message or Bible passage was uncomfortable for you?  For what would you like to learn more?