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June 21, 2020

Matthew 6:16-18


1) What has been your history with fasting?

a) Did you grow up in an environment that fasted?

b) Have you heard a sermon on fasting before?


2) Fasting can be over-exaggerated or completely ignored. Most likely in our time, we have the tendency to ignore fasting.

a) How do we over-exaggerate fasting?

b) Why and how do we tend to ignore fasting?

c) When was the last time you fasted? Don’t feel bad or embarrassed if you haven’t or if it has been a while. We are growing together!


3) Pastor Zac taught that fasting helps kill idols in our hearts because it focuses our desires not on them but on God.

a) What are common idols in our day?

b) What are your idols personally?

c) In what ways can you fast from specific idols?


4) We live in a culture that tends to fast to lose weight.

a) How is biblical fasting different?


5) Here are the five practical points of fasting that Pastor Zac shared. Think and talk through them together. What would they look like in your life? 

  1. Fast Regularly. 
  2. Fast Prayerfully. 
  3. Fast Secretly. 
  4. Fast Corporately. 
  5. Fast Creatively.


6) Fasting is a valuable tool that can help us enjoy God.

a) Are you going to begin or try fasting?

b) If so, then when?