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Psalm 51

1. Paul started by speaking of the importance of repentance from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry from the book of Mark. Look at Mark 1:15. So if repentance is vital and important to the Christian life, what does it mean to repent? What is the difference between being repentant of your sin & having remorse over your sin?

2. We also heard at the beginning that repentance isn’t just a doorway into becoming a Christian, but a habit throughout the Christian life. Why is it important to see repentance as a habit rather than a one time event?

3. Then we talked about the reality of sin from David’s life in 2 Samuel 11. How does this account highlight the danger of sin? How does it highlight that sin is never satisfied? How does it highlight that sin & its effect are far-reaching?

4. When talking about the reality of sin, we heard that sin is the ultimate sign of being ungrateful to God. How does sin reveal a lack of thankfulness towards God?

5. Then we talked about being honest about our sin from Psalm 51. Look at Psalm 51:3-4. What are ways people try to excuse/explain their sin? What keeps us from agreeing with God of our sin & repenting of it?

6. And we ended by hearing the good news that biblical repentance looks to the mercy of God. Look at Psalm 51:1-2…how does the person & work of Christ give us confidence in the strength of the mercy of God?

7. Finally, take time in your group to pray for Paul & Doriane Schneider & their ministry in Iasi, Romania at Ecclesia International. Pray for the students they interact with, pray for their church to be strengthened in the gospel, pray for their marriage as they are newlyweds…bottom line: pray for them that God would use them for His glory in Romania!