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March 31, 2019

Ruth 3:14-4:10

1. The selflessness of Boaz is seen throughout this book both in obvious & subtle ways. In Ruth 3:14-15, Boaz seeks to protect Ruth & her reputation by having Ruth leave early in the morning & return with a great amount of barley. What are ways we can follow Boaz’s example & be thoughtful of others/selfless in our treatment of the people in our lives?

2. Then in Ruth 3:16-18, Ruth returns home. Both Naomi & Ruth marvel at the magnitude & meaning of the gift…it gives confidence that Boaz is committed to redemption. Pastor Nate pressed us to ask about our confidence in redemption…what allows Christians to have confidence in the redemption found in Christ?

3. We spent the rest of our time in Ruth 4:1-10. Immediately we see another event where something “just happens to take place”…the redeemer comes by! We have seen these kinds of “just happens to take place” moments throughout the book, what’s the significance of these moments? How do they help us see God as being active rather than aloof?

4. One of the pivotal moments in the book takes place between Ruth 4:5-6…in the moment where the redeemer has a choice: do what’s right or do what’s convenient. He chose the convenient route & the author of Ruth declares that he isn’t worth even remembering. Who are people in your life that you remember well because of the right choices they made? What does it look like to be a person worth imitating & remembering?

5. Ruth 4:7 points to the original audience’s lack of Biblical understanding…the author needs to explain what’s about to take place because of this lack of understanding. What is helping you understand the Bible well?

6. Then in Ruth 4:8-10, we see the transfer of the role of redeemer to Boaz made official. And even in this moment of triumph, Boaz does not put the attention on himself…but on others. What generates in a person the act of thinking less of themselves & more about others? (Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller was recommended)

7. We ended by being reminded that rest in found by the work of the redeemer…so Christians, we ought to rest in the reality that God has redeemed people for Himself & is working all things together for the good of His people & His glory. Why is it so hard for us to keep this ultimate reality in our minds as we navigate our lives?

8. Finally, we were asked to consider the determination of Boaz…to both revel in the power of determination seen in Christ & reflect that determination in our own lives. So how can we revel in Christ’s work & reflect this determination this week?