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August 2, 2020

Matthew 7:15-20

1. The text begins with a warning in v. 15 to be on guard against false prophets. We then see in the rest of the verse that these false prophets are deceptive, deadly & seek to destroy others.

-What does it look like for us to take the warning of Jesus seriously & beware of false prophets?

-What are examples of modern-day false prophets/teachings?

-How does false teaching poison the soul?

2. In v. 16-18, we see that false prophets can be detected by their fruits.

-Why do people often focus on the outward impression of a teacher/preacher rather than the content of the teacher/preacher?

-Pastor Nate mentioned that good teaching/preaching produces SOUND, BIBLICAL DOCTRINE...what's the evidence that a person embraces sound, Biblical doctrine?

-Pastor Nate also said that false teachers add or subtract from the Word of God, they multiply the requirements of salvation, & divide the Word of God wrongly...what are examples of each of these actions?

3. Then we moved into the application of this text & ways to gain doctrinal competence.

-One of the ways to grow in sound doctrine is to read...Pastor Nate gave 4 books:

Sound Doctrine by Bobby Jamison

The Passion of Jesus Christ by John Piper

Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by R.C. Sproul

None Greater by Matthew Barrett

-What are other books or practices that have spurred you towards sound, Biblical doctrine?