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December 5, 2021

Matthew 20:29-34

1) What were you praying for this week?

a) What do you need to be praying for that you didn't pray for this week?


2) Why do you follow Jesus? Think clearly and give a specific answer!

a) Is there a better or more full reason to follow Him?

b) What do you think about your answer and the rest of the answers shared?


3) We ought to be compassionate like Jesus. Opportunities for compassion can be planned but is often unplanned.

a) What specific ways can you plan to be compassionate to others?

b) How can you prepare and train yourself to be compassionate in unexpected circumstances?

c) Why does the natural human not want to be compassionate?


4) What does the dynamic/relationship between the crowd and the two blind men?

a) How should we be more like the blind men and less like the crowd?