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March 24, 2024

Matthew 26:36-46

1. We started with 3 observations in light of this passage, so let’s walk through each observation:

-The first observation was that Jesus’ death on the cross was not according to the plan of Satan, but according to the good & perfect plan of God…which Satan wanted to thwart. While looking at Acts 2:22-24, talk about why it is important for us to remember that Jesus’ death on the cross is a part of God’s good & gracious plan.

-The second observation was that Jesus is truly & fully God…and truly and fully man. Look at Hebrews 4:14-16…what happens if you neglect to affirm either Jesus’ humanity or divinity?

-The third observation was that spiritual self-confidence leads to spiritual laziness or drowsiness, which results in spiritual catastrophe. The disciples are given as an example in Matthew 26:30-35. But what are examples of how we can be spiritually self-confident or spiritually arrogant? What are examples of spiritual laziness in our own day?

2. We then worked our way through the Matthew 26 passage and stopped to consider various elements from within the text.

-One of the major points from v. 37-38 was the intensity of Jesus’ sorrow. Based on 2 Corinthians 5:21, we see that Jesus became sin…He endured the just penalty for sin. Why is it essential to affirm that Jesus took the penalty for sin on the cross?

-Another point from v. 39 was that Jesus addressed God the Father as, “My Father”, and also submitted to the Father’s will. The point is that love is central to the dynamics of our Triune God. Why is it valuable to see that Jesus has great love for God the Father in this moment?

-In v. 40-41, we see that the disciples who were talking in v. 30-35 are now asleep. It was said that, “they thought they could exalt Christ in their own strength.” Yet in this moment, Jesus commands them to, “Watch and pray.” In light of these commands, what does it look like to demonstrate spiritual vigilance or dependance on God in our own lives? 

-Finally, in v. 42-46, we see that Jesus triumphantly moves into the moment to face His betrayer and towards the cross. This week, how can you intentionally worship God and be reminded of the love of God in the person & work of Jesus as we prepare for Good Friday and Easter Sunday?