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October 20, 2019

Micah 3

1. Micah 3 gives three warnings of impending judgment that each follow the same pattern of identifying his audience, directing an accusation and pronouncing a sentence against them beginning with the word “then” or “therefore”. The first audience is the ruling class (judicial, military, political and spiritual leaders of the land) who “hate the good and love the evil” according to verse 2. They did not hate their sin. What are ways that we can have a healthy resentment for our sin? How can we redirect our ourselves from sinful patterns of sin?

2. Verses 5-7 speak to the prophets who Pastor Nate described as greedy. Their greed caused these false prophets to lead the people astray. 2 Peter 2:1-3,14 & Lamentations 4:13-15 were referenced. They tailored their messages to those who fed their greed. In what ways have elements of greed possibly crept into your life? What are the things you are holding onto more tightly than perhaps you should? What are the distractions you need to lay down?

3. Pastor Nate said that we all have been given gifts, talents, skill sets, and/or strengths. He then asked the question, “Are we are using them like the false prophets for selfish means or are we using them for the benefit of others and the Glory of God?”

4. In verse 8 we see a contrast between a true prophet and a false prophet. The ministry of a true prophet is empowered by the Holy Spirit, established justice, leads in righteousness, is authoritative, is trustworthy (because it is Biblical) and true preaching will call out sin. How can you distinguish between what is false and what it true? What “false prophets” such as movies, books, speakers, entertainment, etc. have you been giving a platform to in your life? What can you do to adopt the characteristics of truth in your life?

5. Micah then gives 4 scathing accusations in verses 9-12. One of these was that the leaders were accepting bribes. While money is not inherently good or evil, how we handle the money and resources God gives us will reveal who or what we worship. Matthew 6:24 says that we cannot serve both God and money. The Leaders that Micah addresses were self-deceived in their love of money. Does the same danger of self-deception exist today? How can you make sure that you yourself are not self-deceived when it comes to the love of money or other issues?

6. We should fear God, but in what ways should we fear God? What truths that cause us to fear God?

7. Pastor Nate asked, “Why are passages like Micah 3 invaluable and profitable to us as believers?” To which he answered that it is because it reminds us vividly and accurately how hideous our sin is. We have truth amnesia regarding the wretchedness of our sin. We can never rationalize, ignore, excuse, or embrace our sin. We must always fight against our sin, keeping in mind that the Grace of God in and through Jesus Christ is far greater than our sin. What are the sinful areas in your life that you need to turn from? What ways can we point each other to the Gospel?