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March 6, 2022

MATTHEW 23:1-12

1) How are your souls? Are you barely making it, are you alright, or are you thriving? What do your spiritual disciplines look like?


2) Jesus now begins into a section of cursing and "woeing" the Pharisees.

a) In this passage, what are the reasons the Pharisees are condemned by Jesus?

b) Why does Jesus hate their behavior?

c) In what ways is Jesus different from them?


3) In the Christian Community, who is superior?

a) How does this functionally play out since some of us have more authority or less authority?


4) "The godly are marked by humility." - Jesus, and then a long time after Pastor Matt Cobb.

a) What actually is humility?

b) What are some ways that people practice humility wrongly?

c) What sort of things do humble people do?

d) Is it wrong to be humble with the goal of being exalted as Jesus promises?


e) What is the great passage on humility from Paul?