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December 1, 2019

Micah 7:18-20

1. As we concluded the book of Micah, Pastor Zac went back through a few of the major themes…which include: sin, wrath, judgment, God’s faithfulness, God’s compassion, & His steadfast love. Based on the whole of our time in the book, what theme has stood out to you the most?

2. Then we looked at Micah 7:18 & the question, “Who is a God like you?”. Pastor Zac talked about pondering the greatness of God & being in awe of God…then he mentioned a book that he read that’s encouraged him to do this all the more. What helps you to consider the greatness of God?

3. Pastor Zac then went through various portions of Isaiah 40 including Isaiah 40:12-15, 17-20, 28. What other passages in the Bible cause you to consider the greatness of God?

4. Then we moved into the rest of the passage to see that God forgives the sins of His people from Micah 7:18. What does it look like for people to have proper confidence in the forgiveness found in Jesus Christ?

5. Then in Micah 7:19, we saw that God saves His people from their sin. Why is it important to know that God doesn’t simply overlook sin, but “cast all our sins into the depths of the sea”?

6. From Micah 7:20, we see that God positions His people beyond the reach of sin…that one day “we will feast in the house of Zion” as we sang. What feelings are generated in knowing that there is a future hope secured in the work of God?

7. Pastor Zac ended with a call for us to live in light of what we’ve heard throughout Micah…most directly, let’s tell others the gospel! How can we be faithful to speak the truth of the gospel with compassion to those in our lives?

8. Finally, we heard that “we aren’t called to do what’s easy, but to do what’s right & good in the eyes of God.” So what are right & good things that you’d like to do to finish 2019 well for the glory of God?