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April 26, 2020

Matthew 5:27-30

1. We first talked from Matthew 5:27 about the intent of the commandments. What are the ways that this OT commandment challenges us both in our behavior & our motives?

2. What are examples of people trying to earn their way to right standing before God?

3. In Matthew 5:28, we see that the issue begins with the heart. What's the difference between believing that sinful actions lead to a sinful heart versus a sinful heart expressing itself in sinful actions?

4. We heard that to choose to gratify the selfish desires described in Matthew 5:28 on your own terms causes a person to (a) cheapen real intimacy, (b) become numb to the beauty of true intimacy, & (c) make an idol that will never satisfy or be satisfied. Which of these effects stand out to you as a reason to take this sin seriously the most & why?

5. TOUGH, HONEST QUESTION...would be best to speak in men/women-specific groups...Then we looked at Matthew 5:29-30, Jesus calls for the radical removal of anything (even the best, most useful, most functional, valued/treasured) that causes a person to sin. So in your life, what may need to be removed for the good of your soul?

6. We also saw from these final 2 verses that eternity is at stake, that this matters greatly. Read Titus 2:11-14, how does the grace of God fuel us to fight our sin?