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July 4th, 2021

Matthew 13:44-50

What is the significance of treasure and pearls in the historical context of Matthews gospel?


What does the parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great value teach us about the value of the Kingdom of Heaven?


Nate said that the kingdom of heaven is priceless. What makes it priceless?


The kingdom of heaven and it’s king is the only thing that brings true and everlasting satisfaction. Why and how is this true? What worldly kingdoms do we invest our lives into when we should be living for Christ’s kingdom?


Living for Christ’s Kingdom will bring suffering. Is the kingdom of heaven worth living and sacrificing for? Why?


Nate noted that Jesus spoke more on hell than love. Why should we talk and learn about hell? Why did Jesus talk about hell so much? 


Why is it unloving to neglect teaching about hell?


Where is your final destination? The kingdom of heaven, or hell? Why? Who will enter into the kingdom of heaven?