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Archives for December 2022

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December 18, 2022

Luke 1:46-55 Mary was not ashamed to publicly and personally praise God. Why do we sometimes struggle with praising God publicly and personally? How has God helped you overcome your fear of exalting God in front of others? Mary proclaimed that God had done great things for her. Name a couple of great things that God has done for you. Why is it a big deal t...

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December 11, 2022

Luke 1:26-38 1. Why is it helpful to have a basic understanding of the Trinity in light of today's passage? - Can you recall the definition of the Trinity stated by Pastor Nate at the beginning of the sermon? 2. Why is the virginity of Mary essential to the birth of Christ? 3. We noticed that Gabriel comforted Mary by reminding her of Gospel truth. Can you recount a ti...

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