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August 30, 2020

Matthew 8:1-4

1) We were able to meet in person this week! 

A) For those who were able to come, what was the best part about being back?



2) In Matthew 8:1 there are a great number of people following Jesus, but these people will later stop.

A) Why do people follow Jesus for a while but stop? Many saw Jesus do great miracles and still left him later, how could they not stay?

B) Is there anyone close to you that follows Jesus but only on a superficial level?

C) What can you do to communicate the glory of the gospel to them?


3) The Leper was willing to expose himself to danger and harm in order to meet Jesus. He was willing to pay the cost of going to Jesus.

A) Can you relate to the leper in any way?

B) What costs have you paid here in America in order to worship Jesus?

C) What costs do our brothers and sister around the world pay in order to worship Jesus?


4) Pastor Nate ended his sermon with four questions. We should answer them.

A) Do you believe that there is nothing too hard for Christ? Are you, like the leper, sure that God can do the supernatural?

B) Do you pray great prayers and ask God to do great things? How many people have you stopped praying for because you doubt God’s power to change sinners?

C) Are you heavenly minded? Do you look eagerly forward to eternity with God?

D) Are you convinced of the reality that Jesus is worth worshipping no matter the cost? Are you, like the leper, sure that worshipping Jesus is worth dying for?