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November 3, 2019

Micah 5

1. In Micah 5:1-2, we see that the deliverance that is to come will not be because of the size or strength of the troop, but by the work of God. Why is it so hard for us to acknowledge our inabilities or insufficiencies…especially before God?

2. Then we see a great amount of detail concerning the Messiah & His work in Micah 5:2-6. Why is it important to see that this plan & work not be a last minute attempt by God to fix things, but a plan put in place long ago…in ancient of days?

3. It was mentioned on Sunday that the promise made in 2 Samuel 7:16 is kept by God. How does it give us confidence that God keeps this promise, despite the failures of David & his descendants?

4. A song was mentioned on Sunday about the faithfulness of God to His promises, “He Will Hold Me Fast”. What are some of your favorite songs that we sing at MBC in terms of the lyrics & doctrine within the song?

5. Then in Micah 5:4-6, we see that the Messiah will rule, shepherd, & deliver peace. How important is it that Jesus fulfills each of these positions & acts in these ways?

6. One of the questions posed on Sunday was, “Where does your security lie?” So where are some of the places that people place their security/hope/identity?

7. From Micah 5:7-9, we see that the news of the Messiah will either lead to life or death as it is received or rejected. How does this stark reality, a reality with no middle ground, shape how urgent we are to share the gospel with others? What are the essential components to share when sharing the gospel with others?

8. Then in Micah 5:10-14, God speaks of how He will purge the people of various things in order that they have genuine, right relationship with God. How have you seen the love of God, His commitment to His people, demonstrated in moments where things seem to be taken away or removed?

9. Finally, in Micah 5:15 there is the statement concerning God’s vengeance on those who remain disobedient. It was said on Sunday that this verse highlights how serious God takes His holiness, His name, & His glory. What happens in the life of the Christian when they come to realize that God is serious about these matters?