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June 6, 2021

Community Group Questions:  June, 6, 2021

Matthew 13:51-58


Pastor Laurie taught us that the question Jesus asked in v51 is what we need to consider ourselves:

  • "Have you understood all these things?"

He also reminded us that:

  • In the last few weeks, we have studied four out of the seven parables in Matthew 13.
  • All but one of the parables begins with what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is filled with the true and false, the good and the evil, and believers and unbelievers.  Despite what it looks like now, the Kingdom of Heaven will always be ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ; He will always be in charge.

1.  Considering the above: how does remembering that the Lord Jesus Christ will always be in charge, comfort you in your current circumstance? 

2.  Thinking through v.51 and Jesus' question to the disciples, Pastor Laurie taught us that Jesus is asking if the disciples had "connected all the dots"?  The disciples said: "Yes."  Was this a true response? Read 1 Cor. 13:12.  How does this Scripture aid you in answering this question?

3.  Look at Matthew 9:35-38: Jesus prepared His disciples.  In Matthew 10, He calls the 12 disciples; we also see Jesus teach and train them. And, before His ascension, He has "one last word" for them in Acts 1:8.  Trace back through the last year, and share passages of Scripture, answers to prayer, and/or teaching you've received that have all helped you to follow Him now. And, how is Jesus preparing you, even now, for what comes next? 

4.  Considering v. 52, why do you come to church?  Why do you read the Bible?  Where can you "share, scatter and fling out" the truth of the Gospel this coming week?

5.  Matt. 13:53-54 begins a new section where Matthew gives 8 incidents in which people will believe or not believe the Gospel.  The first rejecton is in Jesus' home town.  Is this something you can relate to?  How is the Gospel received by those in your home town or inner circle?

6.  Pastor Laurie shared with us Philippians 2:5-8 in response to Matt. 13:55.  The listeners' questions indicated that they believed Jesus to be common.  How does Philippians 2 help us understand Matthew 13:55?

7.  In Matthew 13:56-58, Pastor Laurie helped us see that "unbelief blurs the obvious", that Jesus taught a proverb, and showed us that Jesus had power to do the miraculous but did not because of unbelief.  Do we "understand all these things"? 

  • The Kingdom of God has an outer kingdom: those who are not believers, destined for hell.
  • The Kingdom of God has an inner kingdom: believers, destined for heaven.
  • Jesus rules over both Kingdoms.

Are you faking it? Are you superficial? Which kingdom do you truly belong to?  Who will you tell this week that "Jesus saves"?  Who needs you to pray that they might willingly abandon their sin, that they might become a child in the Kingdom of God?