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April 3, 2022

Luke 22:47-53


1) What is most interesting to you from this week's passage?

a) Normally, is reading the Bible daunting and difficult, or encouraging and fun for you?


2) After watching Jesus heal the ear that was severed, why did the mob not believe Jesus? How is it possible that these people could see the power and mercy of Jesus and not repent?

a) What does this mean for us?

b) What does this mean for those who we know who are not Christians?


3) According to the Scriptures, how are we called to love our enemies?

a) Who are people in your life that are your enemies, who have betrayed you or are against you?

b) Do you have the opportuniy to love them? How can you love them?

c) Will you love them or will you just move on from this question?


4) Why is it comforting to trust that Jesus was in control throughout His trial and crucifixion? 

a) What would change about our theology if Jesus wasn't actually in control throughout the trial and crucifixion?

b) What should we do with this theology? Where do we apply it?