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October 13, 2019

Micah 2

1. From Micah 2:1-2, we see that the ruling class of Judah had carried out evil by force & fraud. From verse 2, we see that this evil is motivated as “they covet”. Pastor Nate went on to define coveting as wanting something earnestly that doesn’t belong to you, but instead belongs to another…this implies that you aren’t satisfied with what God has given you. Based off this definition, what are ways we’ve seen or experienced covetousness in our own lives? What are ways we are currently fighting the act of coveting?

2. One of the points of application about coveting was it crushes gratitude & generosity. How can we, as the people of God, be intentional to live with gratitude & generosity?

3. From Micah 2:3-5, Pastor Nat made 5 observations & one of those observations was that sin is never static, but dynamic…it harms more than we realize. How does believing that sin can’t be contained or managed in its destruction cause us to take our sin more seriously?

4. In Micah 2:6, the spiritual leaders refute the message & instead preach a contrary message & this is motivated by several things…including poor theology, spiritual pride, & covetousness. How does having an unbiblical view of God influence each of these traps?

5. In Micah 2:7-9, the response to the spiritual leaders is that they are the enemies of God & practicing wickedness as they rob men, women, & children. One of the points of application given was that it’s vital to have people in your life who give us an honest assessment our of character…so who are the people in your life that play this role or could play this role? Why is it so important to have these kinds of people in your life?

6. From Micah 2:10-11, we see the low point of Micah to this point…the land that was intended for rest will instead be a land of restlessness & the result will be exile. How does this message & warning show God’s goodness & kindness even as judgement is imminent?

7. We ended on the message of deliverance from Micah 2:12-13…a righteous remnant will be delivered by the Shepherd King. We were exhorted to see how this message compels us to be of good courage, faithful, & clinging to the gospel. What’s it look like to be of good courage, faithful, & clinging to the gospel right now in your life?