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February 28, 2021

Matthew 11:25-30

1. We began by looking at Matthew 11:25-27 & talking about the plan of God as well as the authority of Jesus.

-Jesus gives praise to God the Father for his work of hiding & revealing the truth of the kingdom of can we be intentional to praise God for his work in salvation?

-We then talked about the "wise & understanding" versus the "little children". How would you characterize those who are in these categories?

-In Matthew 11:26, we see that this is the gracious plan of God. Why is it important to affirm that God has a plan? What would be the result if God had no plans or purposes?

-In Matthew 11:27, Jesus makes it clear that He is God & in authority. What are ways that the gospel accounts highlight that Jesus is God & in authority?

2. We then looked at Matthew 11:28-30 & the rest that is given to those who realize they have no hope on their own.

-At the moment that Jesus' authority has been declared, he then invites...what does this teach us about the character of God?

-Those who labor & are heavy laden are in that position due to sin. Sin is an endless burden on our often do we take time to consider the severity of sin?

-The image of taking on a yoke is one of to rest in Jesus is to submit to Jesus. What are ways we can submit to Jesus' authority?

-We heard from Matthew 5:30 that the yoke is easy & the burden is light not because of our efforts, but because of the work of Jesus does putting your confidence solely in the finished work of Jesus give true & lasting rest?

-We ended with a call to consider our position: have we trusted Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior? For the one who answers no, have you talked with anyone about what it means to trust Christ? For the one who answers yes, how can you take time to gaze on the glory of the Cross?