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April 17, 2022

Luke 24:1-12

1) What is the wrong tomb theory?

a) What demonstrates that the wrong tomb theory is wrong?

b) What other theories have you heard that attempt to disprove the resurrection?


2) What are the three passages in Mark where Jesus explains excplicitly that He will rise from the dead?

a) Why did His disciples not understand Him?

b) What does this mean for us?


3) Why is Jesus titled "Lord" only after His resurrection?

a) What does it mean that Jesus is Lord?

b) Is Jesus Lord of the world, or only Lord of Christians?

c) Is Jesus in control?


4) Why is it necessary to believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead and did not do so just "spiritually"?

a) What are the implications of Jesus' resurrection for us?

b) What was Jesus like after His resurrection?