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April 21, 2019

John 20:1-18

1. As we read the text, one of the great parts of reading this passage is seeing all the details concerning the Resurrection. How do these details give us confidence in the accuracy of the Resurrection?

2. In John 20:1-2, we read & remember that Mary Magdalene has seen Jesus’ work firsthand & yet doesn’t get the truth of Resurrection…until much later in the account. We see that Mary was wrapped up in her circumstances & missed the truth about Jesus. What are ways we can fall into this same trap?

3. One of the most interesting portions of the text is found in John 20:5-9…and the multiple descriptions of the linen cloths. Pastor Nate compared this description to that of Lazarus in John 11:38-44. Why is it important to see that Jesus is not only resurrected, but will never need burial cloths again? 

4. Also in John 20:5-9, Pastor Nate unpacked the various terms used for the word, “saw”. 3 different words were used & each had a specific point: hastily seeing, thoroughly seeing, & seeing with understanding. What are ways people can look at the person & work of Jesus in each of these 3 ways?

5. Then John 20:10-18, we see Mary’s encounter with the angels & then with Jesus Himself. The point of the rebukes in the passage were to get Mary to move from weeping to rejoicing…Jesus is alive! For us, how does remembering that Jesus is alive make a difference? 

6. Once Mary knows & believes that Jesus is alive, she goes in obedience to Jesus & shares the news. Who are people in your world that need to hear the truth about Jesus?

7. Finally, Pastor Nate spoke of the power of the Resurrection being that followers are now family from John 20:17. For the Christian, why is it important that we remember that our acceptance as children of God is solely by the grace & work of God?