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March 21, 2021

Matthew 12:15-21

Starting Point: How is your Bible reading going this week? In what ways were you shaped by the truths of the Scriptures you read this week?

1. We begin with Matthew 12:15-17, which set up the context for Jesus' quoting of Isaiah 42:1-4.

-Pastor Nate made note of the fact that Jesus is aware of the Pharisees' plans as the Holy Spirit was upon Him (v. 18) & that Jesus chose to leave from there. Why is it important to affirm that Jesus had a purpose & a plan in all He did?

-Then we talked about why Jesus told people to not make him was said that they were told not to mention him as they were not true followers of Jesus, but only those who wanted something from Jesus. What are examples of people today having an interest in what they can get from Jesus, rather than loving Jesus? 

-Then we see in Matthew 12:17 that Jesus fulfills the Old Testament messianic prophecy. How important is it to understand how & when Jesus fulfills Old Testament messianic prophecies?

2. We then began to walk through Matthew 12:18-21 & see how Jesus fulfills these words.

-We talked extensively about the type of servant that we find in does Jesus being a servant that pleases God the Father offer us hope? Why is there no hope for us if Jesus doesn't please God the Father?

-If God is only pleased through the person & work of Jesus, then our attempts to please God on our own doing are in vain. But what are the ways we see people trying to please God in their own efforts?

-We see that Jesus came to "proclaim justice to the Gentiles." How does this news prioritize what we speak to others or how we relate to others? 

-In Matthew 12:19, we read that Jesus' words wouldn't be characterized by their volume or arrogance; but their truth. How do we see Jesus demonstrating a balance between speaking the truth while not quarreling or crying aloud?

-In Matthew 12:20a, the news we find out is that Jesus has compassion on those broken & worn out. How does the gospel of Jesus Christ give life to those who are burdened & broken?

-In Matthew 12:20b-21, we read that Jesus will have victory & that hope is realized in Jesus Christ alone. How does knowing that true & lasting victory is found in Jesus spur you along today to be faithful to Christ & fight sin?