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October 27, 2019

Micah 4

1. Looking at the end of Micah 3 & then the beginning of Micah 4, we see a great transformation take place. It was said that this transformation highlights that “the sin of man ruins, while the transforming power of God revives & restores.” Why is it important that Christians believe that nothing is too hard for God, that God in His power can transform?

2. We then looked at Micah 4:2-5 to see several results from Christ’s righteous rule that is to come…freedom from ignorance, freedom from injustice, freedom from war, freedom from greed, freedom from fear, & freedom from idolatry. Knowing that these freedoms are to come fully in the future, how could we see these freedoms being pursued in the present among the people of God?

3. In Micah 4:6-7, we see the lovingkindness of the Good Shepherd. God cares for the suffering & strengthens all the while assuring His presence for His people. These verses show God to be compassionate, caring, & faithful. What are ways in which we’ve seen God to be compassionate, caring, & faithful to His people or even in your own life?

4. Considering Micah 4:8-10, Pastor Nate mentioned that the problem with misplaced hope is that it leads to despair. While Micah says that the people should push through their current circumstances to realize the hope of redemption. The end of Micah 4:10 makes it clear: redemption is the work solely of God. What are ways people can try to add their work to their pursuit of redemption?

5. Then we came to Micah 4:11-12 & saw the sovereignty of God on display. The nations are not in control, rather God is in absolute control. So 2 questions: What are signs that a person treasures their autonomy over God’s authority? How does the sovereignty of God bring comfort to your soul?

6. We ended in Micah 4:13 by seeing that God’s people will be victorious…and it will happen by the power of God alone. We were encouraged to ponder on God’s splendor as it sanctifies us & exalts God. What makes it hard for us to ponder on God & His power? What are practical ways we can be more intentional to take time to ponder on God’s splendor?