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December 12, 2021

Luke 2:1-7

Pastor Nate Wright


Pastor Nate began his message by stating that we would break down this passage, "piece by piece" and that it is "one of the most loved and historical events recorded in Scripture in order that we may expand in our knowledge of Jesus' birth, rejoice in the splendor of God's providence, grow in trust of God's Word, increase in humility and the adoration and emulation of the Lord Jesus Christ's humility by the grace and power of God."


1. How did your knowledge of Christ's birth expand after hearing the message?

2. What from this passage in Luke gives you cause to rejoice in the splendor of God's providence?

3.  Pastor Nate taught that all of us are worshippers-"We all worship someone or something."  Luke presented the question to us: "Who is God in the flesh?  Who is the Savior of the world?"  What is your response to this question?

4. If you are a Christ follower, and "Everything Christ said, He will do.", and nothing or no one can thwart the true will of the God of the Bible, then, how is your battle with worry? In what area did you succomb to worry last week?  For what are you "burying yourself with anxiety" and how can your group pray for you?"

5.  "God and His Word are completely trustworthy."  How do you know if you completely trust God?  In what situation are you demonstrating trust in God by living in obedience to His Word? Would your friends or family say that your life demonstrates that old song "He's got the whole world in His hands"?

6.  Pastor Nate shared a Biblical principle with us: "Before glory there must be humility."  How will you apply this principle this Christmas season? How would growing in this area of Christ-likeness, humility, affect your relationships, your compassion, your mercy, your obedience?