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January 10, 2021

Matthew 10:24-33

1. We looked at Matthew 10:24-25 & Pastor Nate said that disciples should not expect to be treated better than Jesus...that they will imitate Christ.

-How does the world at large view Christ & those that follow Him?

-What are examples where we might be tempted to going along with the world in order to be liked by the world?

2. Then we began going through Matthew 10:26-33 & seeing the 4 reasons disciples need not fear their persecutors.

-In v. 26, we hear that justice will prevail...vindication & punishment will be delivered (2 Thessalonians 1:5-10). In what ways does it encourage disciples of Christ to know that Jesus will make all things right?

- In v. 27, we see that disciples are to make known the news they know...the gospel! Pastor Nate said that the eternal well-being of others trumps our temporary does this mindset change how we view sharing the gospel with others?

-In v. 28, we see that disciples shouldn't fear as the power of God is greater than the power of the persecutors. What are examples where the power of God has been on display?

-In v. 29-31, we unpacked that God delights in His the truest & most specific of ways. What's a moment where remembering the love of God conquered fear? How can we be intentional to remind ourselves of the gospel message so as to not become truth amnesiacs?

-In v. 32-33, we see how great it is to be known by Christ & how terrible it will be to not be known by Christ. How does this give us good reason to make known the gospel for the good of others, the edification of the saints, & for the glory of God?