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March 10, 2019

Ruth 1:22-2:13


1. As we started this week’s passage, pastor Matt asked the question: “How will God work to redeem Naomi and Ruth?” In light of this, what does it mean to redeem someone? Why did Naomi and Ruth need redemption? And by extension, why do all people need redemption?


1. We began by looking at the qualities of Boaz in verse 1 of chapter 2. Pastor Matt told us that Boaz was marked by 3 qualities, one of which was that Boaz was a noble, honorable, and courageous man in good standing with the people. How can we model these qualities in our own lives? Who are others around us who model these qualities for us?

2. We then looked at verses 2-3, where we were told that this is the 2nd curious incident in the book of Ruth. We are told by the author of Ruth that Ruth just so “happened” (v.3) to be gleaning in the field belonging to Boaz. How does this demonstrate for us the providence of God? Why is the providence of God such a comfort to the Christian? And such a terror to the unbeliever?

3. We also saw in verses 3-4 that Boaz was the “real deal,” living in obedience to the Mosaic law, as found in Leviticus 19:9-10 and Leviticus 23:22, where we are told that the Israelites were not to reap the entirety of their fields for the sake of the poor being able to gather, or glean, what was left over. How can we follow this same principle in our own lives in caring for the poor around us? Are we currently?

4. In addition to Boaz living in obedience to the Mosaic law with regards to harvesting his field, pastor Matt also pointed out that Boaz had the respect and admiration of his servants. That led to the question, “are we in private what we are in public?” Take time to discuss whether your coworkers, friends, family, and others see Christ in you. Are you consistent in your Christian witness?

5. We then looked at verses 8-13, where we read of the conversation that takes place between Ruth and Boaz. Pastor Matt pointed out the Hesed of Boaz as demonstrated in his words and actions towards Ruth.

a. What were some of these? Hint: (v.8,9)

b. What made these so extravagant and extreme?

c. Pastor Matt then turned our attention in the same conversation from Boaz to Ruth, where we were exhorted to imitate Ruth’s response, which was one of humility and gratefulness. Pastor Matt told us that Ruth understood who she was, and how remarkable was the kindness of Boaz. This led to the question “Do we get it? The mind-blowing rescue of God and the mind-blowing grace of God?” That is, do we understand how desperate our situation is and how hopeless we are on our own? Are we filled with humility and gratitude at the grace and goodness of God? If not, why?

d. As we continued considering the person of Ruth in verses 11-12 Pastor Matt pointed out that Ruth had risked everything to care for Naomi and put her trust in the living God and asked if we had done the same. He then encouraged us to take risks for the living God, such as praying out loud, leading family worship (men), leading our family’s spiritually (men), reading the Word of God, going on a mission trip, or sharing the gospel with a loved one who does not yet believe. Which of these are risks that you will take moving forward?

e. Take some time to pray now with your community group in light of verse 12, asking the Lord God to graciously bless yourself and others by being a refuge to you all. Also, pray for the missionary of MBC whom your community group has adopted.