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June 18, 2023

Ephesians 2:16-18
  1. We started by walking through the statement: Our only hope is found in Jesus.How can simple statements like this be useful for us to remember gospel essentials? What are other statements or passages that help you remember gospel truths?
  2. In v. 16, we talked about how for all people reconciliation to God is only in Jesus Christ. What changes when we begin to look at life through the grid that every single person that's not in Christ will only find true hope in Christ? How is it relieving to know that reconciliation to God is about being in Christ?
  3. In v. 17, we talked about how peace is proclaimed by Christ to those who are far and to those who are near. If peace is found in Christ, rather than circumstances or other areas of life, how does that make our understanding of peace different from the world at large? As a church, are there ways we can support one another to remember that peace is found in Christ?
  4. In v. 18, we focused on the concept of having access to God. Paul's words in this verse are distinctly trinitarian...we have access to God the Father through Christ the Son in the Holy Spirit. How often do we think in this trinitarian pattern? How can we more fully develop trinitarian thinking into our daily lives?
  5. We ended with a few questions in the sermon and take time to unpack the questions as a group and consider how you can encourage one another in light of these questions: Have you been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ? Do you believe that God can use you to proclaim the good news of Jesus? Are we thankful for the privilege of having access to God? (Do we pray?)