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Romans 16:1-16

A: In v. 1-16 there are 27 people listed. Some with rather hard names to pronounce. It was pointed out that at times the tendency is to skim through or skip over passages like this. We learned that had we skipped these verses we would have missed out on encouraging truth. Take some time to discuss the dangers of skimming God’s Word or worse, skipping over truth. Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17. How should this passage impact our view of Scripture?

B: In v. 1&2 we learned about a Phoebe, a servant of the Church. Phoebe was courageous, trustworthy and generous for the sake of the Gospel. These should also be true of believers today. Why should a Christian be far more generous with their time and resources than the world around them?

C: In v. 3-5 Paul mentions Prisca and Aquila and references them as fellow workers. As husband and wife, these two had labored alongside Paul for the sake of the Gospel. In v. 4 we learned that they risked their lives for Paul and ultimately the sake of the Gospel. We may never experience the need to lay down our physical life for our brothers or sisters in Christ, but what are ways we can lay down our life and serve fellow believers selflessly?

D: In v. 6 we were introduced to Mary and are told that she “worked hard”. We learned that the meaning of this was actually working or laboring to exhaustion. What does it look like for a believer to work or labor to exhaustion for the sake of the gospel?

E: A theme to these verses is labor. We read of fellow believers laboring for the sake of the Gospel. In v.10 we heard about Apelles who is said to be approved of Christ. We learned that approved means he was tried and tested, his work was pure and excellent. Why is this concept vital to a Christian’s testimony?

F: Another theme to these verses is love. Paul’s desire for greeting these individuals was out of great affection for them. It was said that love should be a hallmark of the Christian community. What are the results of the body of Christ being marked by love?

G: In v.2 & 15 there is a reference to saints. We learned that the term saints refers to all believers and is not a title for an elite group of Christians. We are saints because we belong to God. When God looks at us he sees saints in His Son Jesus Christ, rather than the sinners were once were. Why is it important to view ourselves as saints?

H: In conclusion we are challenged to examine what kind of legacy we are building. Each and every day we are building our legacy. What kind of legacy are you building? In other words, what will they say about you at your funeral? As you examine this in your life we all have areas to grow in regards to building a Christ centered legacy. What do you want to change?


“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.”
― C.T. Studd