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Romans 15:1-7

1. We went through the verses seeing the importance of unity in the church & how unity connects with bringing God glory.

A: We first heard that the idea of unity being important is found in the words of Jesus, especially in John 17. So to start, how have you seen unity among the people of God in the past? 

B: In v. 1, we see Paul call on those strong in the faith to “bear with the failings of the weak.” What are ways Christians can assume the burden that weaker brothers or sisters in Christ are carrying?

C: We also see that we are to please others for their good, to build them up. How do you do this without abandoning truth, excusing sin?

D: We end our services by reading aloud together about our aim to make known the gospel so that those who do know Christ would grow in the grace & knowledge of Christ for the glory of God. What benefit have you seen in reading this together at the end of the service as a reminder of our purpose?

E: In v. 3, we see that we aren’t being asked to do anything that Christ himself hasn’t done. How does Jesus’ selflessness motivate you to be more intentional to pursue selflessness?

F: From v. 1-3, we were asked to consider how we can promote unity among the church & spiritual health in the body. What are ways you can be a part of these ends?

G: In v. 4, Paul affirms the authority & validity of all of the OT. How can we be better students of the Bible and see how all of Scripture points to Christ?

H: Verses 5-6 show us that unity is a gift from God. What are ways to show thankfulness for what God is doing among His people at MBC?

I: We also see in v. 5-6 that unity & glory are connected. Why does the unity of God’s people reflect the glory of God to the watching world?

J: From v. 7 we talked about how unity is never passive, but instead active. It is motivated by the work of Christ on our behalf. How does a belief in the gospel change how you relate & receive other Christians?