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July 24, 2022

Matthew 26:47-56


1) This passage opened with Judas, one of the twelve, betraying Jesus. Have you ever been betrayed before? By someone close to you? How did you handle that situation? 

 2) How does the character of Jesus, in this passage, show us how we should handle ourselves in these kinds of situations? 

 3) Peter initially tries to fight for Jesus. He draws his sword and cuts off the ear of a servant of the high priest. How does Jesus respond to Peter's actions? What can we learn about this response?

4) Jesus tells both his disciples and the mob sent to arrest him that this must take place for the Scriptures to be fulfilled. In other words, God had predestined this to take place. It was always His plan. Do you struggle with the sovereignty of God? How can we trust God in even the most difficult situations in our lives? 

5) Pastor Zac talked about the difference between looking and appearing like a true follower of Christ and actually being a true follower of Christ. What are the things in your life that you need to rid yourself of? Do you regularly seek forgiveness and repentance of your sin? If not, why? 

6) What is a practical way you can live for Christ this week?