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August 27, 2023

Ephesians 4:4-6

  1. At the beginning, we pulled back a bit to look at the overall view of the church that’s given in Ephesians. Look specifically at Ephesians 3:10. Then look at Ephesians 4:1-3. What does it say that Paul moves from the big picture to personal relationships within the church so quickly? How can this be encouraging for us today?
  2. The passage from the sermon uses the word, “one”, on seven different occasions. Why would it be important to Paul that the Ephesians remember the “oneness” that they share with each other? From our own experience, how can remembering the unity we share with other believers prove helpful & honoring to the Lord?
  3. One of the most interesting parts of this section is that it speaks about unity in light of the Trinity. How could the Trinity help us appreciate and understand unity more clearly?
  4. Another part of this passage that’s challenging is that unity around doctrinal truth is what Paul is looking for…so how can we follow this exhortation and continue to grow in our unity around the truth of Scripture?
  5. When we moved into application, we talked about how unity takes effort, that unity is visible, and that unity is empowered by the gospel. So for yourself, what does it look like to be committed to maintaining the unity of our church as we enter into fall of 2023? What would be a motivation to keep this commitment for the long run, rather than just for a short burst?
  6. As we enter into fall, take time to ask how you can pray for one another as weekly schedules & investments of time might be adjusting.