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July 10, 2022

Matthew 26:30-35

1) How has church been in the tent? Is it good to have one service and see everyone?


2) Pastor Nate explained that we can make a pretty good guess about the songs sung by Jesus and the disciples. Do you remember what they were?

b) How do you utilize the psalms? Do you sing them or pray them?

c) Do you know any resources to use the psalms better?


3) What would cause the disciples to flee, according to our passage?

b) Are we ever embarrassed or ashamed of Jesus and don't talk about Him or don't act the way we should out of fear?

c) How do we avoid or dispel that fear?


4) Pastor Nate explained that we are prone to unfaithfulness. Jesus, however, is always faithful. How should this affect how we live?

b) What should we do when we sin and the guilt sets in? What do we actually do?


5) This passage is very interesting because the arrogance of Peter and the disciples probably seemed to them to be love and loyalty. How can we tell if we are arrogant or not?

b) Instead of being spiritually prideful, how do we make ourselves poor in spirit?