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Luke 1:26-33

A: We started with an overall statement about Christmas: that Christmas is a time to remember a divine act! The defeat of sin, death, & Satan only happen through Christ. How can we be intentional to keep this as the focus of Christmas in our families?

B: We saw from v. 26 that the location says something about God…that God can reveal His greatness through all types of people in all types of places…even Nazareth! How does this news bring encouragement to all of us?

C: We then looked at Mary & the news she receives in v. 27-30. It was highlighted that twice we hear that Mary is favored, meaning that she is a recipient of God’s unmerited favor. What’s the difference between understanding Mary to be a recipient of grace & a co-deliverer of grace? Why are differences such as this one important to understand today? 

-To better understand who delivers grace: Romans 3:23-24, 1 Timothy 2:5, & John 14:6 were mentioned.

D: From v. 31, we see that the news is given with certainty… “you will conceive…”. This event is a divine act. How does knowing that God’s grace is active in this moment, help us understand the nature of God’s grace overall?

E: In v. 32, we see that the name of Jesus informs the mission of Jesus, “the Lord saves.” How do the qualities given in v. 32 of Jesus bring confidence that Jesus actually saves?

F: We ended by hearing that Jesus is a king with a kingdom…one that includes both Jews & Gentiles. Looking to Revelation 7:9-12, how does the supremacy of God’s Kingdom motivate us to spread the news of this king & kingdom?

G: We ended with 2 questions of application

-Are you a member of Christ’s Kingdom? On what grounds does a person become a member of Christ’s Kingdom?

-What’s the appropriate response to the one who defines greatness? ADORATION: setting our mind’s attention & heart’s affection on Christ…so how do we plan to adore Christ through the Christmas season?