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June 16, 2019

1 John 2:7-11

1. In 1 John 2:7, John starts this section by calling his audience, “Beloved.” This served as a reminder to the people that even though John was talking about difficult matters, it was based in love for them. Why is it important to connect loving people with talking about difficult matters? What happens when we disconnect love for others from speaking truth on challenging issues?

2. In 1 John 2:8, John speaks of the old commandment being a new commandment…it was said this newness was in quality through the person & work of Christ as well as in Christian imitation of Christ. How does Christ & our imitating Christ bring newness to various aspects of life & obedience? EXAMPLE: GATHERING WITH THE PEOPLE OF GOD

3. Pastor Nate then talked about the second half of 1 John 2:8 & the darkness passing/true light already shining. This news points to the ultimate victory found in Christ…does remembering that Christ ultimately wins make a difference in the way you live your life?

4. We then arrived at 1 John 2:9-11 & talked about the test of love. In v. 9, 11 John describes the one who does not love well. What do you make of how serious John describes the one who lacks love for followers of Christ? How does this description cause you to examine your own life & love for followers of Christ?

5. In 1 John 2:10, we see that agape love is to be seen regularly in the Christian life towards fellow Christians. What are ways you’ve witnessed or experienced agape (selfless, sacrificial love that’s unconditional & expects nothing in return) love from those who follow Christ?

6.Then Pastor Nate wrapped up with 2 questions…the first was, “How can we love those in darkness?” & we were encouraged to pray that God would open their eyes to see the truth. How consistent are you in practicing this habit of prayer for the salvation of souls?

7. The second question posed was, “Do we love one another?” & we went to Acts 2:42-47 to see whether we are marked by this kind of love. In what ways do we reflect this model of Christian love among the church? What are ways we currently lack reflecting this kind of love for one another? How can we grow in these areas?

8. What do you need to give up/set aside/re-prioritize in order to give the meeting with God’s people to worship God its proper place in your life?