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March 22, 2020

Matthew 5:14-16

1. Today we talked about how we are called to be the “light of the world”. We see from John 8:12 that this will not happen outside of following Jesus Christ. What are ways you’ve seen followers of Jesus fulfill the call to be the light of the world?

2. We heard that to follow Christ is to live with: radical abandonment for His glory, joyful dependence on His grace, faithful adherence to His Word, complete trust in His authority, & urgent obedience to His mission. Which of these dimensions of following Christ have you’ve grown in recently? Which of these dimensions do you long to grow in by the grace of God?

3. From John 3:16-18 & Ephesians 5:8-11, it is evident that the light exposes the sin of the world. Why is the revelation of sin so necessary for a person to truly understand the need for the gospel? What are passages you can use to explain the reality of sin in the human heart?

4. From Matthew 5:14-15, we see that Christians are to always shine the light of Christ & never practice isolation as the light of the gospel must never be hidden. How does this passage inform the way we understand missions, especially in our world today?

5. One of the main points from Sunday was seeing from Luke 9:23-24 that the Christian is called to self-sacrifice for the sake of the gospel. What are ways we can actively engage our world with the love of Christ during these days?

6. Also from Matthew 5:15, we see that the light is to go to “all in the house.” There is no limit to gospel advancement. Who are the people in your world that need to hear the gospel news?

7. Finally in Matthew 5:16, we see the results of the light shining before others: that they may see good works & give glory to God. What are good works you can do right now that would bring great glory to God?

8. We ended with a challenge from Pastor Nate to live in light of the words of Jesus as we have a unique opportunity before us. TAKE TIME TO PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER & OUR CHURCH AS A WHOLE TO BE OBEDIENT TO THE WORDS OF THIS PASSAGE.