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November 22, 2020

Matthew 9:35-38

Anders identified an aim for all of us as we consider this passage:

  • Believers should desire to pray earnestly because of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Anders also provided an outline of the passage for today:

  1. Matthew 9:35:  The ministry of Jesus
  2. Matthew 9:36:  The compassion of Jesus and the missing Shepherd
  3. Matthew 9:37-38:  What’s the Deal: What’s the harvest and Who is the Lord of the harvest?



  1. Considering Matthew 9:35 as a summary statement, along with other verses that Matthew would also summarize in this way, Matt. 4:23 and Matt. 7:28-29, the  
  • Word of God and  
  • the power of God

are still essential.  The Word of God is still central to the worship of God.  The power of                      God is still what heals our hearts.  

How is the Word of God made central in your worship of God?  Your home?  Your friendships?  

How is the Power of God made evident in the difficult places of your life?  Share with your group one area, (like:  forgiveness for someone, love for your neighbor, a sin problem in which in you need to stop sinning, a struggle to find hope in a hopeless situation, or an area in which you need the healing of Jesus Christ for your heart) in which you need the power of God.


  1. How does knowing that Jesus Christ is still using His power to “lift burdens and blights, to heal sickness and give spiritual hope” help you find peace, hope, calmness and joy? (Phil. 4:4). What friend needs to hear this this week?



  1. Anders identified Matt. 9:36 as an important sentence.  Anders also taught us the word: “splancha” or “esplanchnisthe”…meaning to love someone dearly, having deep, soulful, loving compassion. (Please see Philemon 12) Instead of having pride on the crowds following Him, the Lord Jesus Christ had compassion on them.  And we learned that the crowd’s hearts remain unchanged, no matter the light they had witnessed, because their burdens were too heavy, and they were harassed and helpless.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, what light have you received, what comfort and hope, that you’ve been tempted to take for granted?


Who in your life right now, needs to witness from you, deep, soulful, loving compassion?  How can you extend that in a practical way?


If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, are you feeling harassed and helpless lately?  How does remembering truths like: “You are not without a Shepherd to protect you.” or “Jesus Christ, together as the Son of David and the Son of God, heals the sheep, gathers the sheep, and protects the sheep.”



  1. Do you struggle finding the Bible fun to read? Does it feel like a burden?  One place to start that Anders shared with us, is by not thinking of the Bible as “mystical” but to make it “familiar”.  Share with your group one way you hope to become more familiar with your Bible in the next year and to begin making the enjoyable connections that Anders introduced to us today.



  1. As we studied Matt. 9:35-38, we also looked at several other verses:
  • Matthew 4:15-16/Isaiah 42:16 regarding the light of Christ
  • Philemon 12 regarding the love of Christ
  • Numbers 27:12/Ezekiel 34:11-28 regarding the Shepherding of Christ
  • Revelation 14:14 regarding the harvesting of Christ


Which of these verses was intriguing to you and added to your understanding of Matthew 9:35-38?


  1. Anders preached that the “same power that created heaven and earth, enters us and births us again.” Knowing that, believer, for what situation and/or person, missionary or ministry, will you confidently and earnestly commit to daily prayer this week? Is your prayer life an earnest prayer life? Why not?  How can your community group encourage one another in this challenge?